Ready Set Pwn

Episode 1: Into the Fray

An expansion Overwatch League franchise needs an expansion Overwatch League podcast. With Vancouver now having an OWL franchise, join Chris (@lyteforce) has he introduces the podcast and the premiere location for all your VanOWL needs.

5 years ago

Episode Notes

Hosted by Chris (@lyteforce), the first episode of the Ready Set Pwn podcast has finally hit the internet.


  1. 0:48 min - Introduction to the podcast
    • It's the first episode, hear me out!
  2. 2:15 min - The Payload
    • Chris outlines everything we know about the Vancouver Overwatch League franchise, hereby known as VanOWL, and also outlines what it is we still don't (source).
    • Jesse Wilson's (@jp3ilson) Canadian Team Concepts can be found on Behance
  3. 9:49 min - The Fray
  4. 15:49 min - Wrap-up
    • Where can you find us? Website, Twitter, Facebook
    • Got some feedback? Shoot an email to feedback at readysetpwn dot com.
    • And think you have some podcasting chops? Chris is looking for someone to join him - shoot him a note if you're interested.

And a huge shout-out to Burn7 on Soundcloud for the awesome track, Heroes Never Die Music used under a Creative Commons licence

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